Leaders are HUMAN anyway.....

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so we need to learn how to grace them just like how they grace us......

I guess that is why I am still a young sheep and not a 'grilled lamb chop' because I have been 'graced' by my leaders.... =)

To my lovely leaders:
Don't give up. Don't be stressed
Feel down or depressed
Man I've also had those bad days
when I just wanna give up like the rest
and let me tell you somethin' yo
You know yourself best.
Stay strong. Right wrongs
That's the key to success. Let's go

So finally had the time to blog... =) So happy cos all the small tests or quizzes are finally over. I am free to blog and do what I want for a few days before other things like workshops and simulated teaching starts. The title indicates what i am going to write now... My mum came over for the weekend as you should have known from previous post, and guess what she did?

She did facial wash for 4 of my housemates plus one of my good friend who faithfully fetched me home every saturday after church service. I guess i am very proud i have a mum who is so generous and she really loves people. She did facial wash for all of them including me(DEFINATELY) for two hours straight without stopping. My housemates were all waiting in line for my PROFESSIONAL MUM to pamper their faces.

I ask them after my mum left how do they feel about my mum and they say my mum is very cool and so friendly and she doesnt seemed like a mum to them cos my mum treated them like friends.

Hence my conclusion is my mum is really a people-person, I wonder why I dont inherit this trait from her. For me I do like to mix with people but with those that I am more familiar. My mum is a super woman, if I would tell you all the stories you would be darn amazed at a woman like her.
My mum had quite a past where she was disappointed and rejected a lot of times but the strange things is if anyone who had gone through a past like her would be a very bitter person by now but the different thing with my mum is SHE HAS A GOD WHO HAD GIVEN HER ENOUGH GRACE to learn to let go of her past and trust in Him who loves her. She never let bitterness control her life and there are times where she might doubt but she never walks away from the God who has loved her and kept her through the times.

She taught me how to love and serve God and she taught me that my life is to serve this God who had loved us first. My mummy is the best... I really missed her presence here........ =)  

PS: To those who would love to get facial done, you can register with me and i will collect and see how many people and maybe will get my mum to come down to do a facial wash for you. =)  But this time will have to collect a small fee already.... LOL............ But results can be seen immediately.. No kidding one..... ELKEN product.. trustable.... [sounds like advertising for ELKEN haha...They should pay me for this ...]

My mum is coming to see me........

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I just got off the phone with my mum, and YES!!!! She is coming to see me!!!! I guess all the assignments and quizzes, presentation is driving me up the walls... I missed my mum soooo much.... I just cant wait to see her...

So people i am announcing that Sunday i will be officially busy teman-ing my mum. [hmm.. more towards her teman-ing me] Sorry, i wont be entertaining anyone else then... 

So happy that i decided to blog about it.( I must be going crazy--- crazy for mum's companion) So i must now get back to my assignments so that i can finish all of it before Saturday so that I can spend the whole Sunday with her...

Haha.. I think she will be nagging me if she sees this post. But this is to show you that my mum is very lovely and very modern. She recognized Rain-the Korean Superstar when she was in Korea on a trip with her other friends but she is the only one taking pictures like this. (LOLing....) She was like :Oh!! It is Rain. The one in the TV (Rephrase of what she said cos i cannot remember every word she said) and she asked her friend to take picture for her. hahaha......... This is my mum, very special and have a great sense of humour right? That is why I loved her sooo much.....

My Pastor's/Aunty's Wedding

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Last Saturday, I experienced one of the nicest and very awesome wedding out of all the weddings I had attended... I witnessed two great man and woman of God and their story of how God brought them together. I am so happy to be at the wedding. Loved the decorations and also the highlight of the whole wedding to me was the part where both of the bride and bridegroom sang a duet as the bride walked down the aisle. I think the song was written by themselves. So meaningful... I have no words to describe so i will post up the pictures for u to see for yourselves.

This is the start of the bridal procession. The little boy who is the ring bearer is sooo cute....[Funny thing is during SNL, Ps Tim make a joke and said he wanted this role but he lost because the boy was too cute....]

Fair Vows..... =)

They did the marriage registration in the church!!!

Then the another hightlight came.....*drum rolls*

=) They did it twice due to popular demand. =)

Only got the unveiling pics, the kissing one dont have cos I video-ed it down....

Awkwardness after the kisses... =)

=) Managed to grab a moment to take picture with PC... She is sooooo... beautiful.... And I love her soooo much... Her heart is even more beautiful... She is really someone that I looked up to... She is very willing to take picture with everyone although she is busy. I dont think she even get to eat through out the whole time. And the thing about her is she really loves God A LOT!!! I found out that a few days before her wedding she got into an accident and her car was badly damaged. But it does not influenced her and to her she is just thankful nobody was hurt and she goes on preparing for her wedding. Then on the wedding day, the train of her dress was long so quite a lot of people stepped on it and was feeling so sorry but she was like -it's ok. It is just a dress. [Mind you, it was designed by quite a famous wedding gown designer in Malaysia.] But to her, this all are only material things and there is no need to fuss over it. I am very impressed by the way she view material things. Cos i admit sometimes when people used out things and accidentally spoil it we will get so upset and mad at the people. It kind of shows how we looked at material things which is like it is so important. But the way PC sees it- it is only material things and it is all given and blessed by God.
All in all, I learned a lot from her and she will always have a special part in my heart. May God bless her and her marriage abundantly. =)

It feels like this post is especially dedicated to her.... =) PC/EE thank u for your love and your care... thank u for being such a great woman of God... You show me that it is not impossible to live a Godly life...

Haiz.... It is 7.30pm already...... Today is a public holiday. My housemates went out shopping in Times Square today. One of the girls bought a new handphone. I bet u can read about it soon here... So why didnt i go out when i had the chance to today?

The answer is that my friends went shopping to destress...... But for me i feel that if i go shopping with them although i might tell myself it is going to be window shopping but I guess it is going to be hard to resist the temptation of buying things. If I did, I might burst my budget for the month, then I will be more STRESS..... So I decided not to go.  =) Didnt really felt disappointed to miss the family outing this time.

But I am happy for myself cos I finished one assignment already. Not 100% yet cos I havent do the cover page and also havent print it out yet, but still I have done it!!! *One Big Pat on the shoulder* (Cannot pat too much cos i'll be too proud according to someone)

Still got other things to finish up like tutorial tasks and also preparation for next week's presentation. Haiz... It is never ending....

Easter will be coming soon.. Another dance production coming up.... Will be getting busy.. maybe stress... but I will not quit cos i have been empowered by someone on high to do what He wants. =) I just love dancing.... Wish that i can discipline myself more to do it... [Thought of joining Pilates to build my core strength. Hope i can keep up with it-Going to start in two weeks time.] I know it is going to be tough but NO PAIN NO GAIN right?