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This is a special number... There is a reason for it... It signifies the duration for things to happen. =) I am so excited... [if u are sooo curious to know, can come and ask me, I may tell u why is it special =)


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A lot of ppl often asked what is miracles? Does it happened in your life?

My reply would be: YES!!! IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY!!! To me, driving in KL is a miracle by itself.
I dont own a car so i am used to borrowing cars from a few friends of mine[thanked God for their willingness] I am glad they are always wiling to borrow their car cause it means a lot to me and it help me to go to church and dance lessons. Since it is not my car i am driving, i always pray before i drive my friend's car. I pray that God will protect the car and me too..... I know prayer works because i nearly gotinto accidents a lot of times already but God kept me and the car safe. =)

A few days back, another miracle happen again. My friend's car that i drove broke down at the Sunway toll there. My first experience in my life. I wasnt worried whether i will get stuck there the whole night bcos i have great spiritual family members who will come and get me as soon as i call them. I am more worried about the car bcos it wasnt mine. [I know i have a thing about borrowing ppl thing and wanting to return it in a good condition.] But thanked God for the ronda ppl on the highway, they arrived in less than 5 minutes after i called them!!! WOW! They helped jump start my car. Phew!!! I got home safely. It wasnt a big problem after all but I experienced the love of my spiritual family and a God who cares for me. =)

It was great... I got a valuable lesson. The car had a lot of problem. I went to the mechanic and stuff.. So i was joking with God yesterday night on my way home driving the car.
"God, are u going to give me a car soon? That is why You are training me to know how to take care of a car? " LOL I think all the angels will be laughing at me when i said this statement. Maybe God will too? Or maybe He wont, bcos He IS planning to give me a car? (daydreaming again....)

It will be another miracle if He does... =)