What a day!

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I was sick the whole day yesterday... Skipped class the whole day.... This is a good lesson where God set a day to rest and I didn't rest at all and the result is getting sick....
Recently I had been quite moody and had been ignorant to the nudgings of the Holy Spirit and I ended up feeling offended and also offending others.... I was thinking what actually trigger all this feeling. But I cant think of any so I decided to just surrender it unto God.
The last few days was very tiring and I was offended and offended other people too. Apart from that I was 'advised' by my friend about the way I speak to ppl and that I need to learn to not be so blunt to the ppl that is not close to me. I guess this is one thing that I have to learnt through the hard way. I so want to ask that friend to shut up because the least you need at a time like this is their 'so-called advice'! But I didn't do that because I know I will then offend another person. I guess what I need was encouragement and NOT CONDEMNATION! I know that advice is given to help me but CAN'T YOU CHOOSE A BETTER TIMING? Advice given at the wrong time is like pushing the person deeper into the whirl pool of pain. And you claim to be my friend but you don't even know how I was feeling. You are selfish in thinking that you just want to get the words out of your mouth and adviced me. [I guess I am being selfish now in expecting you to understand me...LOL.....]
I am so sick of all of this. There are times where I wish I could not talk and just communicate through paper and pencil, then these people don't have to read wrongly of my intonation and stuff like that!
I guess God is teaching me a lesson which is not to be so blunt and stop putting my expectation and my assumption on other people. I assume that if they are my friends then they would be able to take my honest comment but I guess I was wrong. I guess God is right about people being selfish and rebellious cause we can't seemed to take advice or people pointing out our wrong. This is not the first time I met with these kind of situation. WHY DID I STILL THINK LIKE LAST TIME AND NOT LEARN FROM MY PREVIOUS LESSON? People are not perfect and people are selfish. I AM TOO!!!! So I guess I need to learn to be patient and not be so blunt and to humble myself and let God do His job.
After praying about all of these 'problems' God showed me a verse from
Titus 2: 7, 8
In all things showing yourself to be a pattern of good works; in doctrine showing integrity, reverence, incorruptibility, sound speech that cannot be condemned, that one who is an opponent may be ashamed, having nothing evil to say of you.
The last line really jumped out at me! That is what God wants me to be!
Throughout all these incidents, I am sure of one thing:
GOD IS MOULDING AND CHANGING ME! I am rest assured that He is watching over me and He cares for me to discipline me so that I am a step closer to the person He wants me to be.
Oh! One more thing I learnt is that SELF-PITYING DOES NOT WORK!!!!!
So that is the end of the incidents.... I learnt my lesson and I choose to forgive and move on. Cause there are so much more that I need to experience....

Shopping Spree.....

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This is what happened last Friday when I went out together with my friends.....
I bought
  • 1 pair of heels.
  • 6 blouses (including one for my mum)
  • 1 snow cap
  • 2 belts
  • 1 pair of leggings
  • 1 pair of jeans

I super like the snow cap....

I got this pair of heels for only RM20! [I didn't really like it cos i tried on a pair of boots before so my heart was stuck to the pair of boots]

Guess how much I spent? RM230!!!! IN A DAY!!!!

Then after that, my mum and day came to town for a course. Guess what, my mum and I went to TIMES SQUARE to SHOP AGAIN!!!! My dad and mum both gave me a sum of money to shop and I dont need to take it from my allowance!!!! YIPPEE!!!! When my dad gave me the money I was shocked and I am happy cos God has been very gracious and has been pouring blessings upon my daddy!!! I am glad! PRAYER WORKS!!!
So I ended up buying the boots that I SUPER LIKE! And a white bag plus a pair of flats to go for class. And.... and... and.... a pair of sports shoes... It is not branded one cos all the branded ones are kinda expensive and my mum say, wait until I go back Alor Star only buy cos it is cheaper there.... (According to her la... But i still think KL ones are much cheaper) But anyway I had a very fruitful day.....

So this will be the only shopping time cos I don't have any more allowances for shopping unless God continue to pour His blessings on my family!

Reactivating my blog....

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Today, Sharon commented about how long I had stop blogging.... I guess I forgot about this blog and actually find it a hassle to blog. So where should I start? So many things had happened since I last blogged.

Let's just skip everything and get on to my new year and the thing that happened recently. Sharon started an online blogshop.... here and I am just happy to see her excited all these things.

But I just hope she gets enough rest so that she don't crash.

I am looking forward to CYW Kuching...

This is the second time we will be following the tour. I pray that all the dancers will still bring the spirit of God as we dance.

Other than that, I am in the midst of fasting and praying for directions and what God wants me to do this year.

What actually cause me to seek God in a much deeper manner is because of a conversation with my dad. He said I had a bad habit of asking ppl to pray for me and letting ppl help me make decisions. My dad just threw a question to me and say that if you have the rights and the priviledge to get the answer first hand from God, why do you need to go through a middle person? Hence the start of deep searching and repenting.

The amazing thing is that God is yearning to speak to me and after learning to get down on my knees and seek Him, I heard lots of things from Him and I find lots of comfort and strength from Him. I still got lots of questions and I guess it is human nature to want to know the future but I God assured me again and again that the future is in His control and I just need to take one step at a time.

YES! And I am slowly looking for my sweet spot that God has given me.... So i am still finding... When I find it I will let u know!