Fasting FACEBOOK!!!!

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HAHAHAHA............ I guess you must be laughing when you read this. "CAN DOREEN FAST FACEBOOK?"
The answer is: I CAN!!
This is the third day already and I still havent open it. Haha, a feling of triumph! I decided to fast facebook because I felt it is taking lots of my time. I am so full of facebook yet I am starving to death spiritually. One night when I was doing my usual devotion, I was nudge by the holy spirit asking me how I was feeling. At that time, I actually was feeling hungry physically so I told HS that I was feeling hungry. And He asked me back. "Spiritually?" I was convicted at that instance and I was repenting and evaluating what is taking up my time. And I realised I am so hooked on Facebook. I woiuld wake up early in the morning and the first thing I think of is RESTAURANT CITY, PET SOCIETY, FARMVILE AND LOTS MORE. I find it so irony as 4 months before, I refused to sign up for facebook but then I did in July I think, then the life of addiction begins. I wasn't using it to communicate and get connected to my friends but I was using it more for fun and my own selfish desire. Hence, the decision to straightaway fast from it. That is how the decision came about.
This is the third day already, although lots of my friends around me are using it all the time, I have come to a point that I can turn my head and say it is ok, I don't need it! I post a note and stuck it on my computer screen listing down the things I can do without playing Facebook. And the list can go on and on and I realised that there are lots more things to do rather than spending time playing something that does not benefit me at all.

Actually somebody asked me this question that actually make me think a lot about it.
"Wah, you level up so fast one. I start playing first but now you are in a higher level compare to me. You play all the time ar?"
Yup, that was when I start to realise I have been spending too much time on facebook. Life is more than that and I am learning to not let these things stop me and drain me from running the real race.