Being loved....

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Chinese New Year has slowly become a festive season that I dread in the recent years because of all the questions that revolved around "When are you getting married? Got boyfriend already ar?"

But this year's CNY was a little bit different. I had more conversations with my dad and mum and also my grandmother. I learnt more about the important people in my life.

Today I had this class gathering at night. Due to some reasons, my car was parked at the next alley. When it was time for me to go to the class gathering, I walked out to the next alley to get my car. My daddy walked out and watched as I walked to the next alley to get my car. Most of the time people are afraid of shadows but seeing my dad's shadow gave me an assurance that he was watching over me. I felt so safe and loved.

After meeting my old classmates, we got carried away and chatted till 1am in the morning. Suddenly I received text messages from both my dad and mum asking me to get back home immediately. When I saw those messages I realised that my parents really do love me a lot!!!! When I got back home I realised my little brother was waiting up for me too. I felt so loved at that moment. I really thanked God that He gave me earthly parents who loved me so much. Their demonstration of love towards me reminds me that my Heavenly Father cares and loves me even more than that.

So all of a sudden I wanted to remember this whole being loved incident that I started to think of ways to remember this day and I was reminded of my blog. So here is it. My lovely day!!!!