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Had been a long time since I blog. Just dont feel like doing it I guess. Holidays is coming to an end. Just 2 weeks. Haiz... To be honest, was very selfish during this holidays. Either i stayed at home to watch videos or series if not I would go out for movies. I watched quite a few in just 2 weeks. (am gonna suffer the consequences which is a great hole in the pocket right now)

Contain Spoilers... Read it at your own risk.........

1) Wolverine- Watched it together with Jong bcos we cant get tickets to watch Night at the museum 2. Was ok since it was action-packed plus a bit emotional. Was glad to see Daniel Henny in the movie(He is a ABK- American-Born- Korean) very HANDSOME.- still think he is even though he was one of the bad guy in the movie. Dont like the ending tho... Wolverine got shot and forgot his lover....Sob.... sad..... 

2) Terminator Salvation- Watched this with Rina. Very nice since it is action-packed too. Arnold swazz... Ah whatever his name is appeared only for awhile and I found it funny when he came out as one of the machine and he was totally naked.. But due to the strict rules of our Malaysian censorship board i think it was cut.
Rina and me had a great dinner together at gasoline at times square. the most important thing is we got to chat for quite awhile over dinner and I got to know this friend of mine better.

3) 17 again- Dont boo me for watching this movie... I watched it with my NS friend LV bcos there wasnt any movie that was at the time we wanted. So yup, it was kinda stupid at times and very funny. But it had a great lesson- Dont whine over the decisions that had been made in the past and never blame others for the mistakes you had done. Treasure the ppl around you. Good for fathers to watch this. Talks about not neglecting the family too.

4) Night at the museum 2- was kinda disappointed watching this. Watched the first one and was expecting much but turns out it was kinda ok only.

5) Fighting- actually wanted to watch monster vs alien-3D one but was too expensive and dont really felt like spending money watching cartoons so went and watch this. Thought it was a great action- packed movie but was disappointed too as it wast interesting at all.

So altogether watched quite a few movies and cant wait for transformers 2 and G.I. Joe. Really loved action-packed movies... =)