A thoughtful gift!

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Decided to post this up since I saw Jong(my housemate) was taking picture of another thing and I ask her to help me take a picture of this gift- personally drawn!!! One of its kind only in the whole world. =) I guess it wont mean anything to other ppl but it means a lot to me!!!!

To the pretty girl: Thanks, girl for this gift... Although I am not a person who always shows my gratitude publicly but I was very happy to receive this!!! I loved it!!! My own t-shirt... Shows me how much u care for me and believe that I can be a teacher next time!!! LOVE U LOTS!!!!

Front: I am a TEACHER!!!

the back is my name....

D ancing

O n

R egardless of

E verything

E njoying every

N ew Day!!

It made my day!
Exam Stress went away!
Believe in me you did,
To me it was such a good deed.
Happy I am,
To have such a friend like you.
haha..... spontaneous poem just for you!!!! And my friends all said they want one for themselves. But i know it is for me only right??? ( I know I shouldnt be so selfish..)

I am not a copycat!

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I was given this tag by someone and when that person said that and another one agrees, inside me was like: 'WHAT THE HECK????' But i chose to forgive these ppl. I know i am not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and I always dont have the money to get the things i want. So i save long to get the things that I NEED!!! I am not copying anyone.... It is just that I dont have the money to get it when the trend is in. I choose to forgive and not to take offense by it cos i know I thanked God for giving the ability to get the things that I want. I thank God for His blessings in my life and I thank God for all the things He gave me. I dont need to strive to be cool and 'in' because I know my God knows me the best....

And apart from that I am not born to be ppl's spot light. I am born to be my own spotlight to shine for Christ! I dont like being other ppl's spotlight!!!

Sigh..... This has been going on for so long.... But this time... Eternity calls for a different action.... FORGIVE n FORGET! How can i choose to remember when God has no remembrance of mine?

Isaiah 43: 25 ' I, even I, am He who blots out your transgessions for My own sake; And I WILL NOT REMEMBER YOUR SINS.' ( =) my own emphasis)

So in conclusion.... I choose to forgive..... =) Haha... very easy to do it after I know even God does not remember my sins so who am i to take offences....


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I am officially the 'carer' for three girls now..... Arlyne, Lin Saey and Bevely.....

Lin Saey on the far right and arlyne in the middle

This is Bevely.....Young and sweet...

The other two girls that I really treasure are Ruth and Andrina. Girls- I hope both of you are doing well in Germany... Really missed ya both...

The officialy duty came last saturday... It means more responsibility but I know God is training me. I hope I can be a good carer to all of you girls....

I should be in class....

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Today i skipped class cos i wasnt feeling well... The whole night my stomach was hurting and i couldn't sleep at all.... So I decided to skip class today. The first time in this semester i think. These few days has been very moody for me. I lost the motivation to go for tuition anymore. Things are just not going well. I wouldn't say everything has gone wrong but just certain things. I have grown immune to these things and the negative effects. I am being plain lazy and ignorant at times. The tuition really demotivates me.
I felt like "Why am I going to be a teacher?"
I cant really teach well.
I failed teaching dance classes for children.
Now I failed teaching tuition for children.
Why am I called into this O Lord?
According to a few people, I am just not carved out to be a teacher.
People say that I am not patient enough,
some say I am not precise.
Some say I just dont have the passion.
So what do you say O Lord?
Do I even qualified to be a teacher?
The years are passing by very quickly. It is going to be the end of 4 years in teacher's training college and next would be University Malaya. Ppl still cant see the teacher in me. 4 years of training does not make any difference???
4 years of training already........... Did I improved? Am I qualified right now?

What say you?