Shopping Spree.....

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This is what happened last Friday when I went out together with my friends.....
I bought
  • 1 pair of heels.
  • 6 blouses (including one for my mum)
  • 1 snow cap
  • 2 belts
  • 1 pair of leggings
  • 1 pair of jeans

I super like the snow cap....

I got this pair of heels for only RM20! [I didn't really like it cos i tried on a pair of boots before so my heart was stuck to the pair of boots]

Guess how much I spent? RM230!!!! IN A DAY!!!!

Then after that, my mum and day came to town for a course. Guess what, my mum and I went to TIMES SQUARE to SHOP AGAIN!!!! My dad and mum both gave me a sum of money to shop and I dont need to take it from my allowance!!!! YIPPEE!!!! When my dad gave me the money I was shocked and I am happy cos God has been very gracious and has been pouring blessings upon my daddy!!! I am glad! PRAYER WORKS!!!
So I ended up buying the boots that I SUPER LIKE! And a white bag plus a pair of flats to go for class. And.... and... and.... a pair of sports shoes... It is not branded one cos all the branded ones are kinda expensive and my mum say, wait until I go back Alor Star only buy cos it is cheaper there.... (According to her la... But i still think KL ones are much cheaper) But anyway I had a very fruitful day.....

So this will be the only shopping time cos I don't have any more allowances for shopping unless God continue to pour His blessings on my family!


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