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=) It is HECTIC!!! It has been long time ever since I blog here. Blogging doesn't seemed so fun since all of us are force to blog about our learning for a few subject. Hence the explanation of extra few blogs that I had. All those are for academic purpose but only this one is more personal.
Sitting here in a quite boring class, I just saw my old blog and decided to blog. I felt this semester I changed a lot. I've changed to be more selfish although my testimony is to be the opposite. The new environment and new semester caught up with me and I gre tired and weary very often. I am stressed out most of the time. There is not a moment of rest. Because of this I became very selfish in my time. I become very protective over my time to rest. I don't want to take up extra things other than the things that I decided to take at the start of semester.
On Sunday, I went out with my childhood friend. I dreaded it because of the travelling I need to do. But I really took the effort and time [2 hours on the bus] to go to meet her. The reason is she was leaving for Australia again and it might take a while before I see her again. One thought came to mind. I would go the extra mile because I am afraid I would not see her again for a long time. What about my friends and my girls who I get to see every week? Is it just because I get to see them every week that is why I don't make the effort to meet them? I am so caught up with my own life that I don't want to be bothered about other ppl's life.
I am tired of the whole course and learning to teach itself. The amount of things to learn and do are piling high---sickening. But I know it is not the time to let go and just leave everything. I am holding on. Hanging on.
It is time to go back to work............. Assignments.........Assignments.............Assignments.............


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